2020 Summer Fashion Trends

2020 Summer Fashion Trends

While thinking about fashion trends, we usually have two categories in our minds. The first is trends that we watch on the roads every day, and the other is trends on the fashion runways or ramps.

2020 is the year of many changes. With the evolution of every other thing on the earth, fashion trends for summer are also evolving. The best way to make ourselves relax in this 2020 summer, and to divert our minds from the situation of Covid-19, is to focus on the latest trends in fashion.

We have combined the road and ramps trends to make our users pick their choice using only one platform. This blog is just perfect for fashion lovers.

List of 2020 summer fashion trends

Following is a detailed list of fashion trends that are popular for summers 2020:

Baggy shorts

Baggy shorts that we usually call crop pants are a part of the most common trends this year 2020. These shorts end just above the ankles and have a loose-fitting that is perfect for the summer dress.

Long shirts or Bermudas

Long shirts that are slightly loose in fitting and end just above or on the knees are a part of fashion trending this year. These shirts are very comfortable for summers due to their loose-fitting and good length.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are the latest trends for summer. They are named after the region "Bermuda," where the British military served a while ago. These shorts belong to the military, and due to the region, people started calling them as Bermuda shorts.

Attractive strings placed on clothes

Long strings that end with a pearl or a metal hook are a part of the latest trends for 2020 summer. These strings are stitched at different parts of the clothes, usually at the neck or at the side pocket area. They look very classy.

Polka dots that were a fashion of past are again in the fashion, and they look very cool when people wear them in summers. The best part about polka dot print is that it comes in a variety of shades so everyone can have it in his favorite color.

Side cuts

Not only the side cut pants but also the side cuts on the shirts are in trend this year. These shirts and pants are one of the best dresses to wear on hot days. The size of the cuts varies from person to person, according to their choice.


People usually think that overlay coats and shirts are just a fashion of winters. However, it is not true this year. The reason is, overlay style is in trend with summer fabric and clothing, and it looks very classy with baggy pants and shorts.

Polo shirts

Either men or women can both enjoy the trend of wearing polo shirts. The half sleeves shirt with a collar is the most famous polo shirt. It comes in a variety of colors to look perfect with every gender.

High waists

High waist pants are one of the latest trends for summer. They come in two verities. The first one is just above the ankle length, and the other is foot length. People usually wore them with collar shirts that they tuck into the pants.

Split prints

Have you ever thought of combining two different prints in a single shirt? It is one of the latest trends for 2020 summer. It looks very classy, but the tricky part is to combine only those prints that look familiar or that comes in contrast to each other.

Tie knots and one suit swimsuits

Tie knots are no more for only ties. They are very common in long and short shirts too. They are usually attached to the neck or the waist of shirts. In addition, one bodysuit is also a common and classy trend of this year.


Jumpsuits are the suits that are not separated into shirts and pants. Rather, they combined the shirt and pants into one suit. People usually wear them with boots, but they look classy with heels too. Printed jumpsuits add a cherry to the top if you are planning to buy jumpsuits.

Shoes tied over the pants

You must have noticed some women who have tied their shoelaces over the pants. It's not by mistake; instead, it's one of the latest fashion trends this year. It may sound a bit weird, but it looks very attractive.

Oversized sleeves

In the past, when we think about sleeves that are longer or wider than our size, we usually feel awkward and irritated. This year, if you have any dress with oversized sleeves, it is its turn to wear because of the latest trends.

Women wearing chunky boots with a maxi dress

Chunky boots look very attractive when you wear them with pants or shorts. However, this 2020 summer has a twist with chunky boots as well. Many women are wearing chunky and big boots with maxi dresses, and they are taking over the world.

Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms, a trend from the past that looks very weird till last year, is now at the top of fashion world this year. They look very attractive when you wear them with short shirts and even with collar shirts. Bell bottoms have a variety that includes various width of these pants.

Bucket hats

They are known as bucket hats due to their bucket shape. A simple hat with not any sparkling elements, and that too has a bucket shape ruling over the fashion industry this year. They look very classy to wear with any type of clothing style.

Bucket style bags

Like bucket-style hats, the bucket style bags are also a part of new trends that are revolving this year. They look up-to-date, and at the same time, they are very useful for holding different accessories. They come in a variety of colors.

Square toes

Before the origin of square toe heels, people have never thought about heel toes other than pointed or oval-shaped. However, after the introduction of square toes, many people prefer them over the typical shapes of heels, which look very attractive.

Long necklace chains

Long necklaces that are only chains or beads over the chains are among the latest trends for summer this year. Women wear them with skirts and with maxi too. The best part about these long necklaces is, they look equally attractive on different styles of clothes.

Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves that we usually notice for our grandmothers' clothes are in trend for young people for the 2020 summer. Whether you are opting out a formal dress or casual summer wear, puff sleeves work best with every type of dress.

Floral dresses

Who don't prefer some cool floral prints to wear on hot days in summers? If you are a floral print lover, this year is perfect for changing your wardrobe to your favorite floral prints. You can either make a shirt or a long maxi dress; it looks cool on both types.

Bright and poppy colors

Who don't prefer some cool floral prints to wear on hot days in summers? If you are a floral print lover, this year is perfect for changing your wardrobe to your favorite floral prints. You can either make a shirt or a long maxi dress; it looks cool on both types.


Have you ever watched a movie that is old enough and in which the girl is wearing Bralettes with baggy pants? This is the latest trend of this year. Despite all other reviews on this style, I personally think that it is the coolest outfit for hot days. I mean, what's better than letting you breathe by wearing loose and comfortable outfits. Right?

Linen shorts

Linen is a fabric that is very comfortable to wear during hot days. This fabric is usually used to make shirts and maxis in summers. However, this year, it is at the top of the list for making shorts, and people are adopting this trend to fight with hot days.

The topic concludes that all of the above-mentioned fashion trends for summer are not only classy and attractive but also the perfect and most comfortable style to adopt during the hot 2020 summer.