Constance Necklace Gold

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Pieces rooted in the idea of connectedness, designed to instill a promise of optimism. The most unique of the collection, the Constance necklace feels quintessentially MG. Combining our signature strands of seed beads with our most vibrant and playful charms, it highlights the things we treasure most–a butterfly charm, a semi-precious turquoise stone blue locket, and a lustrous, organic pearl. Charms: Butterfly: Symbolizing transformation and change experienced on both the inside and out. Butterflies are powerful representations of life and have both a beautiful and mysterious allure to them. Nature plays a huge role in our brand DNA, as we're endlessly inspired by color stories and notice the significance of natural elements each season. Locket: A reminder to surround ourselves with those we love, and to hold our dearest all the closer. Pearl: A lustrous unique freshwater gem, found from within an Oyster shell, the pearl symbolizes femininity and strength. L: 12.5"" long W: 0.5"" wide Weight: 1.8 oz 14K gold plated brass Glass seed beads Love beads Freshwater pearl Glass crystals

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